Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catch up 2

Tutus are now Available at Emily Ann's on SW drive!

My baby is getting BIG!

Tutus Everywhere!

Pretty Colors!

Trendy Toile!

Catch up :)

Things have been blessed (not busy at all, lol) around here. I've done some neat tutu orders through the spring and summer. I've also developed a new sewing habit. (Thanks Wendy!). Here are just a few pics of what I've been up to :)
Selene at Halloween last year (this is catch up so its ok its that late, right?)
Allison at Lil' Bit of Christmas last year
Pink and Green baby belly

Client's little Pageant Queen in a Santa Tutu DressClient's baby in a Beauty and Brown baby belly

Two tutus for a wedding; these were tulle sewn on to a waist band

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Bita Christmas Arts & Crafts Show

Wow! That was fun!

We had a great time at the Little Bita Christmas Arts & Crafts show at the ASU Convocation Center last weekend. There was a great crowd and I loved hanging out with the other girls in the booth. I was up there most of Saturday with my oldest and my youngest and on Sunday with just the baby. It was great to see and meet so many people.(Does everyone in the free world know Amy Barrett?! lol) Allison (aka "the baby") was so good. She was decked out in a tutu and flower hair bow most of the weekend and many people commented on how cute/pretty she was. What mom doesn't love to hear that? I had her in a car seat on the table for a little while and it was a hoot to hear people ask if she was real.

I also debuted my new Belly Baby tutus. These are made on a crochet head band with tulle only half way around. This allows you to lay the baby down on their belly for pictures or hold them without all that tulle in the way. Putting the tulle in the front allows you put baby in a car seat, stroller or propped up for pictures without baby laying on the tulle. They were really popular and would make a great shower gift at only $15. They can be done with any color combination. Think pale pink for precious newborn photos, or bubblegum for a more bright and modern look. Red and green would make for some great shots in front of the Christmas tree. I'll post with some pictures of Allison modeling hers soon!

If you placed an order or bought a tutu - Thank you! I hope to have all orders shipped by the end of next week.

Another great big thanks to the other girls (ladies?) in the booth.
Amy B from Angel Accents
Jennifer From Statements Boutique - Flower Headbands, Hats, Burp clothes, Tag Blankest and Headband stands
Sabrina with Aprons, Crayon rolls and diaper bags
Lori C from Institches Custom Car seat Covers